A distinct in influence, a concavity in a surface produced by pressure, an impression, to impress, to mark // To impart a strong or vivid impression, to make a mark, to implant firmly in the memory or fix in the mind // A distinct influence, an indication, an impression, to press, to apply, to impress, to mark // To imprint a kiss, a touch, a caress with the lips, to impart a kiss by pressing or applying pressure. A distinct influence, an impression produced by pressure, to impress, to mark, to implant firmly in the mind or fix in the memory. 



A site-specific installation made up of a collection of official prints documents. All of which were found abandoned in a vacant police station in Detroit. The ‘imprints’ (original found documents) are installed in a grid covering the gallery wall/walls with an inking station provided for viewers to add their own fingerprints to those on the original found documents. The installation is accompanied by found press images, documents, and a charcoal on tyvek text piece. 



These salvaged imprints serve not only as a record of the decline and decay that allowed them to be abandoned but also, as a metaphor of the systematic ‘othering’ of Detroit that has helped to facilitate that decline. They represent the accused, both guilty and innocent, but more importantly they represent what we as a society, file away. By inviting the audience to add their own imprints to those originally on the documents I aim to provoke a transformation from the official systematic and bureaucratic treatment of individuals to the primal desire of individuals to be a part of something, from forced compliance to free will, from accusation to absolution. The resultant mingling of marks, rendering each mark colorless, classless, ageless and guiltless is a deliberate act of self-implication and erasure, not as an illusion of tabula rasa or clean-slate rebirths but rather, as an accumulation of our basic humanity; the final mass of inked imprints is a testament to our fundamental desire to make a mark, to compose, to construct, to create.