Verso Print Sale, Crusade for Art ~ Atlanta, GA

I’m excited to be one of the photographers invited to participate in Crusade for Art’s benefit print sale! Crusade for Art is splitting the commission 50/50 with the artists for every piece sold, so this is a great opportunity to buy art, support artists, and support a great non-profit all at once!

Have you checked out Verso - a print sale in reverse to benefit Crusade for Art? Look for my piece and tons of other great work, on sale through November 10
Crusade for Art is committed to projects that benefit artists and promote collecting. Even this benefit print sale is an example - raising money for the organization while still paying the artists. Check it out and buy a print today!


Crusade for Art is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to engage new audiences with art. Our work is about developing and supporting innovative initiatives that create demand for art and opportunities to collect it.

Art increases our intelligence, heightens our sensitivity and deepens our humanity. But artful communities cannot thrive without audiences to appreciate them. Crusade for Art strives to create and nurture a society that supports and sustains the arts, where individuals crave the inspiration and connection that only art can give. We aim to create a viable arts ecology where artists can achieve economic sustainability because demand for art is strong. Toward that end, Crusade for Art develops innovative approaches to create new paths to engagement.

Link to auction: